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Andy Strangeway aka Island Man

Adventurer Sleeping in Remote UK Locations


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What Is An Island?

One day you will be able to get a degree on this subject!
Visualise an island and you will see a piece of land surrounded by sea.
So, for me, “an island is a piece of land surrounded by sea that you can’t walk to.” It’s as simple as that.

What about inland islands?

Scotland’s mainland has countless rivers, streams and ditches all crossing over each other. How many “inland islands” are thus created?

What about size?

When does an island become an islet and an islet become a rock? I will leave that to your degree course discussion groups.

What is an Uninhabited Island?

This is a more complex question than 'What Is an Island?' My definition is:
 - An uninhabited island is an island without permanent residents
 - An inhabited island is an island with permanent residents

However, there is a grey area between the two definitions. At one end of the spectrum fall residents on an island for the summer only, and at the other end a shepherd on the island just for one night. So, with the above definitions in mind, I share below a summary of my journey:-

Inhabited Islands = 62
Uninhabited Islands = 106
Total Islands Slept On = 168
Slept Solo = 94




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