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Andy Strangeway aka Island Man

Adventurer Sleeping in Remote UK Locations


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Strangeway Hall of Fame

There are 162 Strangeways, 46 of which can be accessed by scheduled ferry.
A Strangeway means “to sleep overnight on a Scottish island that is 40 hectares and above” and, at this point, I guestimate no more than 10 people will have slept on 50 Strangeways and above.

In the Strangeway Hall of Fame there are four categories for the number of Strangeways completed:-

Platinum - 150 to 162
Gold - 100 to 149
Silver - 50 to 99
Bronze - 1 to 49

I genuinely believe that the Silver level can be achieved by nearly everyone. Then, as the Gold level is reached, Platinum will seem achievable and, upon entering Platinum, the end will be so near that you can almost touch it.

Strangeway Hall of Fame

Platinum Level

Name Slept On Slept Solo Date of Last New Strangeway
Andy Strangeway 162 89 Completed 29 August 2007

Gold Level

Name Slept On Slept Solo Date of Last New Strangeway

Silver Level

Name Slept On Slept Solo Date of Last New Strangeway

Bronze Level

Name Slept On Slept Solo Date of Last New Strangeway
Ruth Strangeway 6 0 29 April 2007

If you would like to be included in the Strangeway Hall of Fame, save the form below, complete it and either

  • Attach it in an email to me at info@island-man.co.uk
  • Or print it off the website, complete it and post it to me :- Andy Strangeway, 1A Holly Close, Full Sutton, York YO41 1LY
  • Or if you would prefer the form emailing to you in a Word Document, please send me an email request at info@island-man.co.uk

NB: Only details of your Name; Number of Strangeways Slept On; Number of Strangeways Slept On Solo; and Date Completed Last New Strangeway will appear on the Strangeway Hall of Fame.


Strangeway Hall of Fame Registration Form

Pease complete the following details.


Address: (Optional)

Phone Number: (Optional)


Date of Birth: (Optional)

Age: (Optional)

Total Number Slept On:

Total Number Slept On Solo:

Name Of Favourite Island:

Any Comments/Questions:




  Island Name Location (SF = Scheduled Ferry) Slept On Date DD/MM/YY Slept on Solo? If Yes mark *
1 Ailsa Craig Girvan    
2 Arran SF    
3 Auskerry Orkney    
4 Balta Unst    
5 Barra SF    
6 Berneray Barra    
7 Bigga Yell    
8 Boreray Uists    
9 Boreray St. Kilda    
10 Bressay SF    
11 Brother Isle Yell    
12 Bute SF    
13 Calf of Eday Eday    
14 Canna SF    
15 Cara Gigha    
16 Carna Ardnamurchan    
17 Cava Hoy    
18 Ceann Ear (Monach Isles) Uists    
19 Coll SF    
20 Colonsay SF    
21 Copinsay East Orkney    
22 Dubh Mor Firth of Lorne    
23 Eday SF    
24 Egilsay SF    
25 Eigg SF    
26 Eilean Iubhard Lewis    
27 Eilean Mor (Crowlin Islands) Skye    
28 Ensay Harris    
29 Eorsa Mull    
30 Eynhallow Rousay    
31 Fair Isle SF    
32 Fara Hoy    
33 Faray Eday    
34 Fetlar SF    
35 Fiaray Barra    
36 Flodday Barra    
37 Floddaymore Uists    
38 Flotta SF    
39 Foula SF    
40 Fuday Barra    
41 Fuiay Barra    
42 Gairsay South Wyre    
43 Garbh Firth of Lorne    
44 Garbh (Shiants) Lewis    
45 Gigha SF    
46 Gighay Barra    
47 Graemsay SF    
48 Great Cumbrae SF    
49 Gruinard Ullapool    
50 Gunna Coll    
51 Handa North West Scotland    
52 Hascosay Yell    
53 Hellisay Barra    
54 Hermetray Uists    
55 Hildasay South West Shetland    
56 Hirta St. Kilda    
57 Holy Island Arran    
58 Horse Island Ullapool    
59 Housay (Out Skerries) SF    
60 Hoy SF    
61 Iasgaich Uists    
62 Inchkenneth Mull    
63 Inchmarnock Bute    
64 Iona SF    
65 Isay Skye    
66 Islay SF    
67 Isle Martin Ullapool    
68 Isle of Ewe North West Scotland    
69 Isle of May East Coast    
70 Jura SF    
71 Kearstay Lewis    
72 Kerrera SF    
73 Killegray Harris    
74 Lamba Yell    
75 Lewis / Harris SF    
76 Linga West Shetland    
77 Linga Yell    
78 Linga Holm Stronsay    
79 Lismore SF    
80 Little Bernera Lewis    
81 Little Colonsay Mull    
82 Little Cumbrae Great Cumbrae    
83 Longa North West Scotland    
84 Longay Skye    
85 Luing SF    
86 Lunga Firth of Lorne    
87 Lunga (Treshnish Isles) Mull    
88 Macaskin Firth of Lorne    
89 Mealasta Lewis    
90 Mingulay Barra    
91 Mousa East Shetland    
92 Muck SF    
93 Muldoanich Barra    
94 Mull SF    
95 Naoimh Firth of Lorne    
96 North Ronaldsay SF    
97 Noss Bressay    
98 Orkney Mainland SF    
99 Oxna South West Shetland    
100 Pabay Skye    
101 Pabay Mor Lewis    
102 Pabbay Barra    
103 Pabbay Harris    
104 Papa South West Shetland    
105 Papa Little West Shetland    
106 Papa Stour SF    
107 Papa Stronsay Stronsay    
108 Papa Westray SF    
109 Priest Ullapool    
110 Raasay SF    
111 Righ Firth of Lorne    
112 Ron North of Scotland    
113 Rona Skye    
114 Rona Atlantic    
115 Ronay Uists    
116 Rousay SF    
117 Rum SF    
118 Samphrey Yell    
119 Sanda Kintyre    
120 Sanday SF    
121 Sandray Barra    
122 Scalpay Skye    
123 Scarba Firth of Lorne    
124 Scarp Harris    
125 Scotsay Harris    
126 Seaforth Harris    
127 Shapinsay SF    
128 Shetland Mainland SF    
129 Shillay Harris    
130 Shuna Firth of Lorne    
131 Shuna Lismore    
132 Soay St. Kilda    
133 Soay Skye    
134 Soay Mor Harris    
135 South Havra South West Shetland    
136 Stockinish Harris    
137 Stroma North Scotland    
138 Stronsay SF    
139 Stuley Uists    
140 Switha Orkney    
141 Swona Orkney    
142 Tahay Uists    
143 Tanera Beg Ullapool    
144 Tanera Mor Ullapool    
145 Taransay Harris    
146 Texa Islay    
147 Tiree SF    
148 Uists SF    
149 Ulva Mull    
150 Unst SF    
151 Uyea Unst    
152 Vacsay Lewis    
153 Vaila West Shetland    
154 Vementry West Shetland    
155 Vuia Mor Lewis    
156 West Linga Whalsay    
157 Westray SF    
158 Whalsay SF    
159 Wiay Uists    
160 Wiay Skye    
161 Wyre SF    
162 Yell SF    



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